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Partners In Bristol and receive ‘Partner of the Year Award’ from inspiring Seetec Pluss organisation

Partners in Bristol, a subsidiary of , provides crucial solution-focused training, delivering skills that companies need whilst championing the ideology that everyone should have the opportunity to learn and grow within their chosen career. 

Therefore, Partners in Bristol are proud of their partnership with Seetec Pluss, and to be part of their SEETEC Awards this morning. 

Seetec Pluss are an organisation that works with multiple companies to help drive people back into the work force. They are dedicated to ensuring that their participants receive the best treatment of wellbeing at work and that companies are keeping inclusion at the forefront of their operations. 

The SEETEC Awards saw many key businesses and partnerships across Bristol coming together to celebrate the success and contributions of everyone involved in the organisation’s goal. They also invited participants of Seetec Plus that have benefitted from the organisation’s support and are now thriving in their new careers.  

and Partners in Bristol graciously received the ‘Partner of the Year Award’. Seetec have been working at our College Green and Ashley Down Centres to support on the International Careers Service Contract, supporting particularly our ESOL students. The college has been able to support their education and skills development, creating more opportunities in their career journey in Bristol.  

Abigail Johns from Partners in Bristol stated: ‘’SEETEC’s Awards was a fantastic opportunity to highlight the work of the Restart programme, partners and participants and the hard work to support the Bristol community into long term sustainable employment. Partners in Bristol received the ‘partner of the year award’ for their dedication in supporting SEETECs participants with training opportunities. These tailored courses allow individuals to gain sector-based qualifications to give them access to further employment opportunities. Partners in Bristol were thrilled to gain this award and look forward to continuing their relationship and supporting even more participants in Bristol and the wider area.” 

Hugh Knight, an Employment Advisor at Seetec works with Partners in Bristol weekly and he mentioned that “participants often need retraining to prepare themselves to re-enter the work force, and Partners in Bristol are always responsive with ideas of available training courses, and they always have something on offer.” He also talked about how “Partners in Bristol understand the diversity of the participants and take that into account really well.”  

Hugh also talked about one participant that he had worked with who was four months into his new job. He explained how important the work at Seetec is in providing people with opportunities and “helping people get back on their feet and get a job is lifechanging after a period of unemployment.” He mentioned that he was grateful to be at the SEETEC Awards, and that it was “great to see employers, providers, trainers, agencies and participants all in the same space, learning from each other.” 

Andy Skull, the Employer Advisor Manager at DWP, noted that the awards were a “fantastic event” and that it was “great to see the participants benefitting from the opportunities, and the people at Seetec being sincerely happy about their progress.” 

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