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Independent florist’s career blossoms after completing college course

Denzil Hopkins is an independent Florist and Founder of The Flower Den, a charming 14th century florist and homeware shop in the heart of Caerleon, South Wales.

He is also an alumni of our Floristry Level 2 course which he completed in July 2023, qualifying with distinctions no less!

We caught up with Denzil to hear more about his journey and how studying with us at has allowed his career to blossom.

Denzil commented: “The reason why I picked this course was because I wanted to qualify as a florist, even though you don’t need to have a qualification to become a florist, it was for my own credibility that I chose to do that course and it was the best thing that I have ever done.”

Whilst enrolled on the course, Denzil stumbled upon a very special place that would eventually transform into the location of The Flower Den. He said: “I had no intentions of opening a shop and one day I was driving home through the small town of Carleon and I noticed this gorgeous, picturesque little shop was empty, so I pulled over, had a look and I instantly fell in love with the interior.

“It’s a Grade II listed building with open beams and original stone flooring. It was really, really beautiful and I felt this excitement. I could instantly see the vision of the shop and it being a great florist and homeware shop.”

Denzil’s lecturer, Victoria encouraged him to follow his ambitions, Denzil said: “I didn’t think much of it and I went to collge one Tuesday and I was talking to Victoria about this little shop and she was like ‘why don’t you just go for it?’ and really encouraged me to go and be brave and just think ‘what’s the worst that can happen?’. I thought I either try and it doesn’t work and at least I know, or I try and it becomes a success and that’s what it has been.”

The Flower Den truly is now a staple in the Caerleon community, Denzil added: “Since the day we opened, the day before Mother’s Day 2023, I have never looked back, it’s gone from strength to strength. The reputation of the shop is incredible, the local people within the village love the shop and they say how great it is that we decided to go to Caerleon and how it’s really helped people in the village which I absolutely love.

“The shop has allowed me to play a really significant part in people’s lives, whether that’s through their wedding day, or whether it’s through farewell flowers for a funeral and I really feel priviledged to play that part and that’s because of the college course that I did.

“I wouldn’t be sat here today talking with you about an amazing year I’ve had if I hadn’t stumbled across the course and met Victoria and had that kind of experience with the college; so I’m eternally grateful for everything that has happened and what Victoria and the college has done for me.”

Click here for more information about our Floristry Level 2 course and here for our Level 3 Award in Floristry.

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